Help with your mortgage.

Are you experiencing personal financial problems as a result of the Corona crisis? We help you free of charge with tips to reduce your mortgage costs.

Call for free: 088 1661 455 and we will give you free tips!

Why help with a mortgage?

The economy is under pressure. Entrepreneurs as well as employees personally face the financial consequences of the Corona crisis. We notice that around us. And that’s why we want to give something back to this group of people.

We are a group of financial experts and intermediaries who normally help you with, for example, buying a home or improving your existing mortgage.

We now use this expertise free of charge to help you.

Helpwithyourmortgage in 40 seconds

How do we help you?

With some smart adjustments to your mortgage, your monthly costs can be reduced. We give you tips and a simple plan. You can call us if you are experiencing financial difficulties because of:


Your income drops or you have lost your job


You are private contractor and your assignments have been canceled


You had to close your (web) shop

You have this information at hand.

We ask you to have the information about your mortgage ready. This is the only way we can help you quickly and effectively. We need this information in any case:


The amount of the mortgage


The interest rate


The term of the mortgage

How does it work?

  1. Collect the information about your mortgage.
  2. You call 088 1661 455.
  3. We will review your financial situation.
  4. We give tips and a simple plan.
  5. We will email your personal tips within 10 minutes.
  6. You can lower your monthly payments!

Cooperating intermediary organizations.

Wants to make the financial world more sustainable and focuses primarily on bringing its own employees to fruition so that customers experience the best advice.

This award-winning consultancy helps clients with customized mortgage advice. Always with the thought how can the price and quality go hand in hand with the best service.

This international agency assists expats in the Netherlands who need mortgage advice.

Increase customer satisfaction. It is so in our genes that we have come up with our own word for it: customer satisfaction optimization.


Are you interested and do you want to contribute to our initiative?

Zorgeloosch foundation

Hulpmetjehypotheek is an initiative of the Zorgeloosch foundation. One of the goals is a happier family life. For people in financial distress, a happy life is more difficult to achieve. That is why the foundation uses its expertise in the field of complicated financial advice free of charge to achieve the goal of the foundation.